To the powers of old, to the powers that be

I don’t know
Where this world is going
For all this life is showing
Breaks through
The paper chains that hold you
They hold me
You know I try and stay sober
But the feeling is over
Life in this coma
It’s hard to stay sober
In this life
Alone, the struggle seems wholly worthless
So find your friend
In defiance, show we are no longer helpless

You made me forget myself
Until the moment I found I was something else
My heart is good
But believe me I could
Watch these heads go blow
I am so alive I can barely feel fear
And I won’t let go
Of this life I’m going to free myself
I don’t want to know what your baby say
I will pull the trigger come judgement day
And I don’t hear what your baby say
I’ll bust this head for a funny game

I have no apology for these words
And understand that I can’t escape
I have no more love for this world
If you hear me then let’s break away
So people come on, people come on
The world that held you now has gone
Together the wolves will lay together
Alone, the wolves will play

To the powers of old, to the powers that be
You have fucked up this world but you won’t fuck with me

Ellery James Roberts oli muutama vuosi sitten vakuttaneen WU LYF:n laulaja & keulakuva. Se oli mun lempiyhtyeitä, ja bändin ainoaksi jäänyt albumi Go Tell Fire to the Mountain on yks mun tän vuosituhannen suosikilevyjä.

Viime vuonna Roberts perusti tyttöystävänsä Ebony Hoornin kanssa bändin Lost Under Heaven, tai LUH. Duon ensimmäinen albumi Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing on yks viime vuoden parhaista. Tietysti auttaa, jos on tarvittava musapohjat alla.


Mä oon Antti. Stop, Shake, Honey, Go on Facebookissa, ja mä oon esim. Twitterissä.



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